One person, many leadership


Improve the participants Leadership at 360°: with colleagues, bosses, collaborators, clients, suppliers, stakeholders.

Nowadays "Leadership" is a multifaceted skill, like the "Intelligence" concept.

Personal Leadership involves different aspects:

- PROFESSIONALISM: professional knowledge and know how

- EXECUTION: ability to generate timely result

- EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: managing conflicts, risks, stressful situation and people

- COURAGE: taking responsibility, facing mistakes

- COMMUNICATION: clarity and impact

- ORGANIZATION: maximizing resources allocation


The "training path" I propose is essentially based on the feedback power:

  • Feedback in the Training room: each participant, after a dedicated exercise on each Leadership skill, receive comments about his / her performance from the others.
  • Feedback 360°: each participant is helped to find people and proper times / ways to ask feedback inside and outside the organization, related to the same Leadership skills.